Thursday, January 2, 2014

30 Days to Hustle: Days 1 & 2

For Jon Acuff's "30 Days to Hustle" challenge, we start off by thinking of one thing we want to go after: reducing debt, losing weight, training for a career/marathon/test... and then focus on that for the month. Each day, we're e-mailed reminders and tasks meant to help us further define what we want and how to get there.

"Get out of my rut" is to vague of a goal.

So is "Become a real adult" and "Figure out who I am"...

And for each of these, there are a number of ways to break them down into something a bit more measurable: "Get out of debt/pay off 25% of my debt this year", "Land a full-time job", "Pray a 54-day novena", "Begin and stick with an exercise routine", "Eliminate 1/3 of my possessions (so I can better manage what I have)", "Set actual boundaries". And which did I choose?

"Raise $500"

I panicked and shared it with the 30 Days support group. I could use that $500 to pay for a trip to an event that is on my bucket list, or pay off a chunk of debt. Or, as I wrote down last night, I can use it to fund a project of mine: Building a 'DJ Dalek' (Dalek, from Doctor Who, but it plays music).

However, today I struggled with the task of defining why this was important to me. Because other than it looking cool (and maybe having an excuse to show it off when it gets finished), I'm overwhelmed with the thought that this is just another ploy for attention. "Hey! Look! ...She built a Dalek! Let's pay attention to her and her machine for 12 minutes."

So now I'm thinking that my goal should be to eliminate (or list for sale) 1/3 of my possessions. It would make things a lot easier to manage, AND would generate a little money for future projects.

So, dear readers, what are your goals and ambitions for the new year?

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  1. I'm doing the 30 days as well, and what I've found is that my goal that I wanted is leading me to complete more of my other goals. I think you might find that in order to build your Dalek, you will have to complete some of your other goals along the way. Good Luck Adam B.