Vocation Stories

I love running across other people's vocation stories!
(and by "other people's vocation stories"...I mean blogs and such where women share their journey as they prepare for religious life)

Caitlin: DSMME

Taryn: Carmelite; She is selling artwork HERE to help pay off student debt and reach Mount Carmel.

Deepa: Dominican Sisters of Summit, NJ

Sophia: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (DSMME) in Ann Arbor, MI

Trini: Possibly DSMME

SheisCatholic: DSMME

Dyna: Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in Spokane, WA

There is another, Meris, whose vocation story/blog should be at the top of this list as she was the first. But, alas, I can't find it anymore. However, you can still read a few articles about her and her fundraising efforts here and here.

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  1. stumbled over here from 7QTs....do you know Taryn?! She and I went to college together and she was my prayer partner for awhile...she's officially entering this summer! Praise be to God!